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I`m Lise Jonsson, a self-taught pianist, composer and producer from Trondheim, Norway. I compose for Lise Jonsson, Harmonic Sky, Whispering Streams and ZODALITT. My music is available on all streaming services.

My music is a blend of genres like Classical music, Neoclassical, Ambient and  New Age. Started to compose regularly in 2015 as therapy after being ill for a long time. Composes by improvising. The melodies are created the moment the fingers hit the keys. Being creative is what gives me the most energy in everyday life.


As a kid I took piano lessons and learned to play by ear. It was much more fun to create something yourself than to learn to read music. 

I composed my first piano piece as a 12 years old. 

Now I have collaborated with artists from all over the world.

I am educated as a preschool teacher and have worked with children all my life. I had music as a specialization when I was a student and learned all about music & playfulness. I have always been interested in music as a tool. A tool for expressing emotions. And use it as often as I can.  

I have experienced a lot in life. I am adopted and of course it has shaped me as a person and composer. We have all experienced good and bad things in life. It's about finding a balance. You can hear this in my music which is nostalgic, a little bit sad, but also happy and playful. I have traveled a lot and in the 80`s I travelled around in Greece for three years. I think all the travel has made me more tolerant, given me a richer life and it has also affected my music.

My music is inspired by nature (especially a forest near my home), animals, other people's and own life experiences, historical things that happen in time or that have happened in the past .

Influenced by Mozart, Nigel Kennedy, Chopin, Secret Garden, Vangelis, Tsjajkovskij , Classical music in general, Queen, Supertramp, ELO, Bowie, Slade, Jethro Tull, Genesis, Pink Floyd,

a-ha and a lot of other music old and new. 

I`m a member of the "Contemporary Classical Collective" (CCC), an informal group of spirited musicians from all over the world, dedicated to a sub-genre of contemporary classical music that variously goes under the label of "neo-classical" or "indie-classical".

You are welcome to check out my music and social media at the various buttons.

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Take care 

Lise Jonsson